My name is Susan Wayland. I was born June 23rd, 1980, in Leipzig, Germany. Even as a teenager, I had a big weakness for sexy and extravagant outfits. When I met Norman Richter, we both discovered the material latex, and in an artistic way we became a wonderful team. He loved being a photographer in his free time, and very soon I began to model for him. It didn't take long for us to build and develop our common hobby. It was such a new, interesting, and exciting feeling to model in latex and quickly I was totally addicted to that beautiful material which has become an important part of my life. Latex is such a unique material, it's so soft and nestles my body so closely and perfectly like no cloth could. Every touch feels much more intense when you wear latex, and I feel incredibly sexy and feminine like in no other form of dress.
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It was around 2003 when I made an important personal decision. It was a big wish of mine after university to work as a full-time professional model, so I decided to pursue my profession immediately. I know this makes me lucky, doing that which I love to do and which fulfills my life. But before making that ultimate decision I had to run through a long time period of a difficult trade-offs between studying and modeling. Ever since then I more actively pursued my career as a model. I have experienced a lot, met interesting people, and learned many things about myself -- which includes discovering my own strengths and weaknesses. I have lot of fun when I work in front of the camera, and I'm still learning new and interesting things. I can't say that my work has become boring or monotonous. It's far from it!
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