Let’s just say that the very next set you are about to see will simply blow your mind as it certainly did for me. It’s one thing to have all those latex bed sheets in various colors safely locked in my kinky closet and another to see them exposed in all their glory.

As you know by now, a few years ago I paid a mini makeover to my king-size waterbed in order to replace the purple mattress with a clear one, framed with multi-colored LEDs. The bed itself is already to die for but wait to see how amazing it now looks once draped all around with my see-through blue latex bed sheets. Now all wrapped with what looks like to be latex curtains, my bed is naughtier and kinkier than ever before!

And now to add even more passion to this masterpiece I wanna share with you my recent latex clothing crush which is that pair of black latex brief with front buckles and side rows of eyelets that HW Design made for me when I was in Vienna. That vintage look both works for fashion & heavy rubber style of photography. And of course my loves, it was a perfect match for my rubber cocoon set!

To bring honour to this beautiful and exciting latex garment, I simply dressed up with transparent tights and a long sleeves top. Perhaps my huge succulent boobs all exposed and very obvious trough the see-trough latex fabric might have stole the spotlight a little. Bah! Who would complain right? :-p And then, I put on my new HW Design black rubber stockings and opera gloves and voilà!

Now that I was all rubberized, all I had to do was to jump on my bed and get myself buried with some more latex sheets. Why not?! Let’s go crazy and be extravagant shall we! A delightful rubber moment that will trap your heart with lusts and desires!
What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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