I have visited Las Vegas at least 5 times during my modeling career but never ever before I had the time to actually drive to the desert next to it. But now that I was driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, I had to seize the opportunity, make a little detour and get my lovely butt in Death Vallery and at last do that photo shoot I’ve always been dreaming to do.

The landscape over there is truly breathtaking, surrealistic yet very much peaceful. But when I got there after a 5 hours drive, the sun was already fading in the horizon. So many great outfits to shoot, but with only so little time. So little in fact that I actually only had enough light to shoot one sexy outfit but which one, which one??!! Thinking that I was carrying over than 15 outfits with me, the selecting task could have been a tough one to do but when I opened my luggage, my fabulous gold latex gown caught my eyes right away. A gold mermaid lost in this surreal deserted scenery, how perfect was that?!

The wind was blowing strong, floating in the air both the bottom of my mermaid gown and my fiery red hair. All of sudden, the mermaid became a fairy. And while I watched the sun go down, softly and gently I started stripping off my dress so I could offer my humble nudity to the solitary wilderness surrounding me. And when I was only dressed up with my 7? stiletto boots, I strolled for a little while in this surreal décor and not caring in the world that I was actually fully nude. Feeling free. How magical was that moment!!! A naked girl walking in the desert: now that’s something you don’t see every day! Wanna take a walk on the wild side with me baby?
What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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