I got the chance to live one of the craziest and most unique lifetime experience I ever encountered trough my modeling career: taking part of the Gold Rush Rally! For the ones who are like me before taking part in this crazy event and have no clue of what is the GRR, in two words, it’s an annual event where owners of super cars participate in a cross-America rally. Micheal Martell, the owner of Marquis Magazine, invited me to join #TeamMarquis to participate in this out-of-this-world experience and drive his team’s high-class Mercedes from Boston to Los Angeles. 10 days, 9 different cities, and a super dose of adrenaline!

While I was driving the Mercedes accompanied by my sexy co-pilot Romanie Smith, Miss Carrie LaChance was having the time of her life driving #TeamMarquis’ Ferrari. The intense bliss I felt when driving this expensive car in such good company can’t simply be expressed with words. And all those breathtaking sceneries we encountered while driving through the USA certainly added a huge magical touch to the whole experience.

One of my favorite places we had the opportunity to discover is without a doubt the Valley of Fire State Park in the Nevada. This place gets its name from all the fiery sandstones and sand dunes that cover the area giving a sci-fi vibe to the area. This surreal location was definitely calling my name and whispering to all of us to take a short break from the rally and enjoy its beauty.

So we did listen to the Valley of Fire’s spirit and not only did we take a break but we took it in style. Hell yeah baby!! All dressed up with matching latex dresses that Polymorphe had created for us, paired up with this kick-ass Lamborghini Aventador SV that #TeamSalamone kindly offered as the “piece de resistance” for our blazing photo shoot, Carrie, Romanie and I make for one sexy sizzling hawt trio, I tell ya! Hot car, hot chicks, hot latex, hot boobies, hot scenery: Hotness alert! And now it’s all yours to feel and enjoy!

What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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