Omg! Omg! Omg!!!! I’m so excited and eager to share with you this next photo shoot that I can barely contain myself! Is anyone in here into maids and heavy rubber like I am? ‘Cause honey if you are I promise you that this set will fire you up good!

I am aware that rubber hoods are not everyone’s cup of tea, yet I have noticed that when they are associated to a cosplay such as Catwoman or in this case as a naughty maid, they seems to reach out even to latex fetishists that aren’t into heavy rubber.

Well my pervy friend, as you know by now, I am pretty much into all types of latex garment such as maid uniforms and I kicked it up a notch by transforming into a rubber maid doll! Dressed up from head to toe with first one of my latex black catsuit topped with my maid latex uniform and my black & white basque rubber corset, then paired up with some white latex gauntlets, custom made latex gloves, my white stiletto booties and of course the “piece de résistance” my maid latex hood, I am all rubberized and sexed-up for the kinky fun that was coming up next.

And kinky rubber fun is exactly what I got that day as I took my sex rocking chair out of my Kinky Closet, strapped on it an 8” dildo and naughtily rocked my way until all my bombshell body floated on cloud nine.

Warning: lots of boobies and close-up bum photos coming up right this way!! Are you ready for Miss Naughty Missy? Yeah? Well come on in right this way and enjoy the show.
What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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