Oh my! You look like you’re burning up baby! Now come over and tell nurse Bianca why! Is it perhaps the sight of my erotic huge boobs that make your heart run faster in your chest, rushing blood to your sex while your feverish wild fantasies paints sinful images in your mind? Picturing your face shoved in my humongous breasts, gasping for air and begging for my mercy before you’d pass out?

Or perhaps this febricity you have comes from daydreaming you get lost in lust while kissing my plumy juicy red lips? Dreaming that my lips caress all your body covering it with sexy wet kisses, my tongue slowly reaching down where all your blood is ruched in?

Or is it because you have this fantasy of kneeling before me, my perfectly round latexed ass 2 inches away of your face? The urge you feel in you of licking the latex, tearing it apart with your teeth and fingers. The ecstasy to burry your face deep in intimacy and lick every single drop of nectar my pussy offers you?

There are so many scorching deliriums filled with passions and lusts that come to my own twisted mind. Am I making you blush with desire for me my naughty perv? Well just come closer to me, show me how boiling hawt your body is for me. I have the best sinful medicine in the world…
What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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