Tokyo was certainly a blast to visit but a little too chilly for my taste. When I hopped over there, it was the end of February and the weather was so damp it gave me chills to the bones. Sometimes, the wind was blowing like crazy outside making it impossible for me to shoot at a park. If only I had travelled a month later, the weather would have been much warmer and probably I would have done a photo shoot outside surrounded by multi colored cherry blossom trees. But I could not postpone my trip and therefore all my photo shoots were shot at Japanese Love Hotels.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the luxury and comfort these bedrooms had to offer. Sometime they came with a private Jacuzzi warming up my bones, other times with a spacious bathroom were I could get prep in style and they all came with a cozy bed that invitated to raunchiness and kinkiness.

So one chilly afternoon, I didn’t hesitate to rent this bedroom at one of those sex hotels, dressed up with my smoky black latex blouse, some latex thigh high stockings, black short gloves, pumps and I let my fantasies run wild in my mind. One sexy afternoon that you and I won’t forget, that’s for sure!
What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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