It’s always very exciting and fun to travel around the world, discovering unknown destinations and people, yet as the Kansas little girl once said, there is no place like home. Although I very much enjoy the countryside and wilderness, I’m a city girl at heart hence why my apartment is located right in the middle of Montreal city where I’ve lived all my life.

My place is very much a mix of charm, eccentricity, coziness and for sure lots of naughtiness. Trough my long life as a fetish model, I piled up quite an impressive amount of latex clothing. My kinky closet is literally busting out with tons of latex outfits that have yet to be modeled by my sexy “moi”. And not only I am awfully proud of my breathtaking latex outfits collection but I am even prouder that my collection also includes a dozen of various colored latex bed sheets!

Let me tell you my fetishist friend that you haven’ t yet felt the power of latex until you have rolled and rubbed yourself on some good quality latex sheets. How does it feel? Soft, silky, hot, sensual, naughty, erotic… As a rubberist, it’s certainly something you gotta try at least once in your life. You definitely won’t regret it.

So you see, my point is that as great and awesome traveling is, the greatest advantage for me to stay home is I do have access to my huge kinky collection and when comes and afternoon that I feel particularly sexual, naughtiness is simply one door away.

And what about some transparent blue latex sheets, my pin up latex halter top and matching brief paired up with black & red stockings and heels? Would that entice you good enough for you to join me? If so, come over here, I’m feeling quite sexy romantic today.

What are you waiting for boys, CUM and get me!
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